Slippery's Ownable tanker releases for ATS 1.32+
9/24/18 @ 2:08pm slipperys_ownable_tanker_7.9.1.scs Fixed load times.

Slippery's Ownable Heavy Haul releases for ATS 1.32+(Requires Heavy Haul DLC) Click here to see promo video
9/23/18 @ 1:28pm slipperys_ownable_hh_0.9.5.scs Added paint options. Fixed chassis and bodies config for Flatbed, allowing paint to work on all variations. Fixed cargo load times

Slippery's Alcoa Big Special Wheels for ATS 1.32+(for trucks, and ownable trailers)
9/14/18 slipperys_alcoa_0.1.scs Fixed Alcoa Large Special wheels for truck AND ownable trailers.

Slippery's Toys(Cabbin accessory hanging toys, support all SCS trucks, Viper2's 389, and the Freightliner FLB)
9/20/18 slipperys_toys_0.3.scs Added my goblin head, WTB's VTC logo, a taco, Slippery Stair logo, and Frosty Enterprise's.

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